Pizza Dough Calculator

Our pizza dough guide and calculator allow you to choose and customize your recipe in a few simple steps.

Each of our recipes is based on established and tested ingredient ratios and the TSNZ Pizza Dough Calculator utilizes these to conveniently provide you with the ingredient weights for the various styles and sizes.

We have chosen to focus on three dough styles, Neapolitan, American & Sicilian;select one from the type selector to get an overview

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Pizza Ingredients

The ideal flour to use is Tipo 00 due its very fine grain size, but a high-grade bread flour will also work well

If using Tipo 00 flour, the water ratio should be 65% but when using high grade bread flour adjust the water ratio to between 50% and 55%. The water ratio for high grade bread flour has to be reduced because it cannot absorb the same amount of water as Tipo 00 because of the coarser grain size. The water should ideally be at room temperature

The salt adds flavour to your dough but also helps strengthen the gluten structure, we recommend using sea salt.

We base our recipes on dry yeast because it is readily available, but if you have live yeast just double the amount used.

Olive Oil
Dry Yeast